Information transition mechanisms of spatiotemporal metasurfaces

Spatiotemporal metasurfs are analyzed from an information standpoint, which reveals and characterizes two information transition mechanisms over group expansion and independent control of multiple harmonics. The information transition capacity of these mechanisms is analyzed, which can be used to estimate the channel potential of the spatiotemporal metasurfs for wireless communication. The profiling presented and the … Read more

Real-time observation of frequency Bloch oscillations with fibre loop modulation

Balloch oscillations (BOs) were initially predicted for electrons in a solid lattice as a static electric field is applied. Scientists in China constructed a synthetic functional lattice in a fiber loop, which was in a fiber loop under phased modulation and directly observed the frequency BO in real time. The frequency spectrum in the telecommunications … Read more

Modulation of photocarrier relaxation dynamics in two-dimensional semiconductors

Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors can host a rich set of excitonic species due to the large enhanced coulomb interactions. Excitonic states can exhibit large oscillatory power and strong light-matter interactions, and can dominate the optical properties of 2D semiconductors. Furthermore, due to the low dimensionality, the excitatory dynamics of 2D semiconductors may be more sensitive to … Read more

New nanotech gives boost to detection of cancer and disease

Early screening can mean the difference between life and death in cancer and prognosis. That’s why researchers at the University of Central Florida are working to develop a new screening technique that is more than 300 times more effective at detecting biomarkers for diseases such as cancer than current methods. The technique, recently detailed in … Read more

Exploring the nanoworld in 3D

Imagine a cube on which light is projected by a flashlight. The cube reflects light in a particular way, so simply spinning the cube or moving the flashlight makes it possible to examine each aspect and reduce information about its structure. Now, imagine that this cube is only a few atoms high, that the light … Read more

New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed

A new class of quantum dots provides a steady stream of single, spectrally tuned infrared photons under ambient conditions and at room temperature, unlike other single photon emitters. This breakthrough opens up a range of practical applications, including quantum communication, quantum metrology, medical imaging and diagnostics, and clandestine labeling. “The performance of high single-photon purity … Read more

How to Take Your Messages With You When Leaving

The latest WhatsApp privacy kerfuffle has once again made us wonder if it is a good idea that we are giving our data to a company with Facebook’s track record. In this guide we’re going to focus on exporting your conversations in a readable format – we haven’t actually closed your account. Note that this … Read more