See Which Apps Are Using Your Camera, Microphone, and Location

Protecting your privacy in the modern era is not easy, thinking about everything from app labels to online cookies, but knowing what apps are on your device should be one of your top priorities — and Specifically, you want to know which apps are using the camera, microphone, and location associated with your phone and computer.

For example, when you are unaware of it, you will not want to put anyone back on you via your webcam; Unless you specifically allow them, nor do you want mobile applications recording or listening to audio. Location is just as important: once an app catches it, it knows where you are, and can see its movements over time.

The good news is that these three major privacy settings can be easily verified on Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS. What’s more, features and tools are available to help you check that devices can access the camera, microphone, and space that do not abuse the privilege. Here you need to know


Load the Settings app on your iPhone, and once you scroll through the main options, you’ll find a long list of all the apps you’ve currently installed. Tap on any of these app entries, and you get a description of all the permissions the app has been granted so far, including device location, camera, and access to the microphone.

Microphone and camera permissions can be enabled or disabled by tapping on the relevant toggle switch. If you tap Location, you should ask for Never (access not allowed), Next Time (unless you say so), while using the app (only when the app is in use), and always (all Including time) page-land). You can also enable or disable precise location tracking on your exact GPS coordinates.

It is up to you and how much you trust your various apps according to the location settings you choose. You can get on the same option, and turn off location tracking for your phone altogether by tapping into privacy and then location services. You have also found the camera and microphone options on the privacy menu that will list all the apps that currently have those permissions.

When these permissions are being actively used, your iPhone will also show you: Look for small dots (green for the camera, orange for the camera) in the upper right-hand corner on the status bar.

If you open the Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner), above all, you should see if an app has used a camera or microphone recently. If your location is being actively recorded, meanwhile, you will see an arrow symbol in the status bar.


To find the camera, microphone and location permission on the stock version of Android, you have to open the settings and then select Privacy. From here, choose Permission Manager, then Camera, Microphone, or Location to see which app has the necessary privileges – if you see something listed that shouldn’t be there, privileges can be revoked with a few taps .

Another way to have similar options is to choose Applications and Notifications from the main settings page, then view all applications. Select your app, tap permissions, and then you can view and adjust the application according to yourself. If you have previously denied an application certain permissions, your decisions can be reversed from here as well.

On iOS, there is some granular control here. The camera and microphone can only be set to allow when using the application and ask every time, as well as outright refusal, while location permission adds extra Allow all time options at the top (Usually reserved for dedicated mapping apps).

Android does not have small indicators in the status indicator when the camera and microphone are being actively used, although you can add them via an excellent little freemium app called Access Dots (which gives you dot sizes and colors Lets customize). Meanwhile, active location tracking via your phone’s GPS is indicated through the map pin icon in the status bar.

Mac OS

Apps on your laptop or desktop may not be able to collect that much data for you – certainly not in terms of your exact location – but it’s still important to know where these permission settings are on your computer so that you can See that all your installed programs are being treated well.

In the case of MacOS, you need to open the Apple menu, then choose System Preferences, Security and Privacy and Privacy. To the left of the dialog box below, you’ve got all the app permissions, including the camera, microphone, and location – click on any entry in the list to see related apps and make changes if needed. In the case of access to your computer’s location, you will see a small arrow icon next to any program that has recently logged this data.

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